Blogging, Baking & Brainstorming


Its been over a year since I embarked on being a Virtual Assistant.  Ive had a few jobs here and there but nothing completely solid like I had hoped.  Ive found that many VA’s locally are having the same issues that I am having, so many people are going overseas or to other poverty stricken countries and paying $0.40c per hour of work – of which I would bill out at $15.00+ per hour.  Yes Im in Canada, yes I do speak fluent english and yes I have 15+ years experience as an Administrator on various levels in multiple industries.  That being said, many entrepreneaurs are still hiring people in counties like India, Philippines and many others.  Even trying to get hired from a US company is next to impossible as a Canadian.  So I will keep the site up and running, and continue to assist those who would like some help.

But what next?

Ive been pondering, what is it that I really love doing?

I mean really LOVE doing

Well I personally love cooking and baking and showing my love in my little creations.  So Im trying something new.  Im going to post here my latest endeavours and share with you my various loves of

Blogging, Baking and Brainstorming

I will share some recipes both baking and cooking as well as my latest LOVE – Kombucha.  See later post on this 🙂

Thanks for reading and hope you follow more of my posts 🙂

Kind regards,